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Your well-being is our priority.
We're firmly committed to delivering accurate acupuncture treatments that balance your body, guided by Moonrise for vitality.

Our holistic approach features acupuncture as a cornerstone, alongside transformative cupping therapy and other methods.

This comprehensive strategy targets body pain, stress, sleep, some neuro related issues, fertility enhancement, women's health, weight management and many more.

Our expert practitioners offer personalized guidance, ensuring a path to lasting well-being that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation for optimal health.

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We’re proud to bring our certified practitioners with vast experience to offer their expertise in various fields to help the community.
They are committed to working as a team of TCM Practitioners in partnership with each other – and with you.
Frequent Asked Questions

Do any of these concerns sound familiar?

Do I need a reason for acupuncture?

In general, acupuncture can help you with sleep issues, digestion, stress, overall mood, and many more. Although many people choose to have ongoing regular acupuncture treatment, just one session can have lasting health benefits for many. It depends on your body's constitution. The method is to get to the root of the issue rather than just the symptoms of illness. Because treating the root cause of health problems is exactly what we do.

Imagine your health is a tree..A tree has many branches that represent symptoms one experiences such as digestive issues, insomnia, or fatigue.The real cause lies underneath the tree where the root is, representing your internal organ such as the kidney, liver, stomach, lungs, etc. You can try to block the symptoms from the branches by suppressing them with the medication as we usually do. What if you can go deep underneath to identify the root to start mending and feeding the needed nutrients to a healthy tree again? The symptoms in the branches of the tree then will sprout and can heal naturally.

So is the body, when the root cause is taken care of, the symptoms will be improved and cured. This benefit will be long term and your body will be happier and healthier.

- It is a natural solution to many health concerns.
- It relaxes the mind and body.
- Promotes healing.
- Releases blockage.
- Improves circulation.
- Reduce pain.
- Balance your body chemistry.
- Reduce inflamation.
- Painless (despite preconceptions!) in many cases.Though you will feel the prick if your body is already in pain is quite normal.

What happens to your body after acupuncture?

The most common side effects of acupuncture are things everyone wants: better sleep, more energy, mental clarity, better digestion, and less stress. One or several of these side effects occur routinely for many, many acupuncture goers.

How long does acupuncture treatment last every time?

In many cases, the benefit of Acupuncture can last for weeks, months, or even up to a year. However, it depends on your body condition, the severity of your symptoms, and your medical history. Some may see longer-lasting benefits than others. Some may take 3-5 times to see some results and progression. Remember, acupuncture treatment is a natural method of treatment. It will take some time as it depends on how your body responds to it and as well the skills of the practitioner. Hence, ensure you are receiving treatment from someone certified to help you.

Why there are some people concerned about doing acupuncture treatment?

The no.1 reason is because of the fear of needles. The thought of having needles inserted into your skin is not pretty and painful.The truth is, it's not as how you imagine. There is a pricking feeling at the beginning sometimes, but most of the time no experience of pain. However, if you have pain in an area of your body, you will most likely feel a little prick on it.

How often should you get acupuncture?

It depends on your health, body condition, and how well you respond to the treatment. It might take days for acute cases (bell's palsy example), alternate days (stroke patients), weekly for fewer concerns, or every fourth night for those just doing some Qi maintenance.In general, regular sessions meeting your practitioner will attain long-term benefits. If you feel great after your first treatment, you don't have to follow up with your practitioner for any appointment unless there are other issues you want to treat.

Does acupuncture have side effects?

As with any treatment, acupuncture may cause side effects in some individuals such as:

- Pain and bleeding from the needle insertion.
- Nausea.
- Infections.
- Skin rash.
- Allergic reaction.
- Bruising around the area the needles were placed.
- Dizziness.

But it is not life threatening so rest assured. On that note, always choose a certified practitioner to get treatment..

Experiences and Review

Past treatment experience that helped our patients may help you too.

Google Testimonial Insights
Dec 28, 2022
I have received treatment from Suki, a TCM Practitioner to address my general well-being. Recently I needed weekly treatment for my right knee after having a sports injury. As a result of the treatment, I have less pain and better mobility to continue doing sports as usual. I find Moonrise Acupuncture Medical Center professional, straightforward in a simple way, and genuinely caring for their patients. The practitioners here are very knowledgeable. They try to help patients not only physically but emotionally as well. I always feel good after leaving my session. I have more energy after my treatment. Generally, a feel-good place for me
Feb 13, 2023
I had some back pain for a few days. On top of that was having a cough and flu-like symptoms. I decided to drop by Moonrise to get treatment. I did acupuncture and had some herbs. That night I had a good night's sleep after. Next day, my back pain felt better and less pain. I'm coughing less as well. Thank you

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To learn more about how we can help you, visit our FAQ page or call and ask our practitioner for advice.