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The team, in every situation is grounded in a patient-
physician-first mindset, cultivating a culture of high service
and a shared purpose to impact humankind in its craft.

Our Founder

It all began with my dearest mother. 5 years ago, she was diagnosed with Bell Palsy. At first, we thought she had stroke but it wasn’t the case, we had taken her to the hospital to get her diagnostics and ensure there were no underlying issues with her condition. She has hypertension so the doctor helped to stabilize her blood pressure. The doctor recommended physiotherapy so we followed the doctor’s advice but we didn’t see any significant progress. While of that was happening, I did my own research on ‘how to cure bell palsy’ with the help of Mr Google and acupuncture was listed as an alternative medicine that could help.We consulted with our doctor and he said yes, we may give it a go. Seriously?

I was surprised coming from her cardiologist.

At this point everyone in the family was open to anything in order to help my mother get better. Despite not knowing much about acupuncture we gave it a try. The TCM practitioner that treated my mother said that it can be cured but it requires full commitment from us to come in for treatment for a duration of a month considering her age. She was 84 then. It would be faster for the young ones.

After full 30 days of treatment, 80% of the facial muscle was back to normal and by the 45th day she had fully recovered. Now, the TCM Practitioner is actually one of my partners with Moonrise. We were blessed to have found her. She was actually about to go for her lunch break but she stayed to help my mother since she was an elderly. She took care of my mother very well and my mother was comfortable with her.

Looking back, without my mother bell palsy diagnostic there would not be Moonrise. This is basically a story of how a professional relationship that grows beyond the patient and physician relationship. We saw how Suki was dedicated and diligent in her craft. After years of getting treatment from her, the time came to have Moonrise with another two partners Eling and Janie that have the same aspiration. We decided to bring the world the goodness of Chinese Medicine and how it could help a lot of people with their health condition to lead a healthier and happier lives. I’m proud and happy that my partners are very young ambitious women. It is inspiring to see how passion comes to life.

Acupuncture is an ancient method that dates back centuries ago. There are many available centers out there but what makes Moonrise different?

To be honest, it's not the differences that count but most importantly the aspirations, the willingness, and ability to treat a client in a holistic approach is most important. We thrive to increase our knowledge for the benefit of those we treated. It is a never-ending process and we strive to give the most effective treatment to our clients.

We don’t just focus on the physical condition of client but we look into the emotional sides as well. We believe that is our strength. We want to make this traditional medicine be part of our modern day living and lifestyle. Not just old folk's mentality that needs such care.

We are not in competition with others. Moonrise's existence will add to more people receiving the benefit of this ancient treatment and increase their awareness, that there is another way to help. It is for those who are open and seeking for alternative medicine. We only prescribe plant-based medicine that comes with Halal Taiwan Certified.

In any situation there's always a solution. And we would be more than happy to assist anyone because- Yes, acupuncture helps with that.

We believed that Moonrise is a place for you to have hope and not give up. We will always strive beyond patient and physician relationships when we see our patients. We see them as a family since we are also them. We know what it’s like to be a patient and what it feels like to be a guardian of our family members when they are not well.

And I hope you will benefit it as much as I and my family have.

We are more than happy to see you.

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