Our Story

Moonrise Acupuncture Medical Center is a local Malaysian company
led by a group of experienced, young, and ambitious teams of TCM
medical practitioners and excellent managing partners.

Who We Are

Moonrise Acupuncture Medical Center is a local Malaysian company led by a group of experienced, young, and ambitious teams of TCM medical practitioners and excellent managing partners.

We intend to promote good health and provide access to beneficial healthcare options for society to choose as an alternative. Hence the existence of Moonrise Acupuncture Medical Center to offer our services.

At Moonrise, we aspire to treat our patients in a holistic approach by providing the most effective treatment tailored to their needs that focus on both the physical and emotional aspects of our patients.

Moonrise is a place for you to have hope and not give up.

We will always strive beyond patient and physician relationships whenwe see our patients.  We see them as a family since we are also them. We know what it feels like to be a patient and what it feels like to be a guardian of our family members when they are not well.

Often, you may feel anxious. You may not know who you can turn to and trust to seek help. Worry not. We assure you to trust us to give our best to help with your condition to our knowledge every time.

And to our Muslim patients, rest assured we only prescribe plant-based medicine with Halal Taiwan Certified so that you can benefit from the TCM herbs formula that could help accelerate your well-being with less concern if you choose to.

Our Mission

To provide excellent treatment and premium valued services to clients across various backgrounds.

Our Vision

To be the healthcare and treatment service of choice for everyone

Our Values
  • Professionalism & Dynamic Growth
  • Trust & Build Relationship
  • Dedication & Teamwork
  • High Ethics
  • Service & Value
  • Empowerment

Your Well Being Is Our Priority

Yes, Acupuncture Helps With That

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have existed for millennia and proven to be beneficial for various medical either acute or chronic ailments. You will get results through natural way that is safe regardless of age.


Moonrise TCM Practitioners are registered with Malaysia's Traditional & Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Division under Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). Hence rest assure as we offer high quality holistic healthcare treatment services that fits our patients needs and budget. Our primary goal is to make acupuncture accessible and available for everyone when in need.


There is no one fix all treatment. Every individual is unique. Based on ancient wisdom of philosophical foundations and incorporating to Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, we will ensure the right approach treatment based on your body constitution through various treatment modalities.

We specialized in

As our patients, your health and well-being are our priority. It is our basis to ensure you have comprehensive and progressive advice and treatment when you are at Moonrise.

We help patients in the area below:

  • Pain Management
  • Weight Management
  • Women's Health
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Fertility Enhancement
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Stress Management
  • General Health

These are the treatments that we specialized in putting a focus on. Please let us know if you have concerns with any of the above. However, the treatment received will still be custom once your certified practitioner sees you and look into your health history.

It is a process to indicate what area of your health you are currently facing a challenge so that we may assist in regaining your well-being back. Don't be shy to ask!


Meet Our Pratictioners

Suki Goh 吴素绮
Eling Chow 周煜琳
General women's health
Janie Cheong 张颖欣
Weight loss, pain management
& stroke rehabilitation